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While many things in theory may be relative, our commitment to quality is absolute. In order to provide the most durable and reliable dental equipment in the world, A-dec™makes sure that nearly everything that goes into A-dec™solutions is manufactured by A-dec™people. And by forming specialised work stations where a single individual performs an entire job, we’re assuring that quality begins and ends with a person, not a department.

The outcome is a better product. Not only do the people of A-dec™ see and experience an unmistakable pride of ownership, but they’re also staking their effort on a product that performs exactly how it’s been engineered to perform every time.

It’s why A-dec™ continues to set standards for outstanding dependability.


Why choose A-dec™

We've been partnering with doctors for over 45 years to produce reliable, creative dental solutions. Here are just a few of the reasons why so many dental professionals continue to choose A-dec.


Quality and reliability

We have a reputation for creating the most durable and reliable dental equipment. This is due largely to our dedication to quality plus our focus on simple design, which results in robust equipment that requires minimal maintenance.


Functionality and expandability

A-dec equipment seamlessly integrates many ancillary devices you control via touchpad and/or foot control. This saves time and reduces clutter. The sophisticated platform design supports future upgrades and expansion.


Dependable solutions designed for you

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your delivery system or remodel your entire practice, there’s an A-dec™ solution designed to meet your current needs with the ability to easily upgrade as your practice grows and your needs change.

Comfort-engineered chairs. Delivery systems with true integration. Lightweight handpieces and motors. Cabinetry that streamlines workflow.

Discover proven solutions that expand your possibilities.


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