Italian precision and quality

Success through specialisation

Cattani’s success comes as a result of a strong focus to two main product lines; suction systems and oil free compressors. This specialization has allowed them to place all resources into the development and refinement of their product lines. In short, specialisation has brought outstanding results.

However good our products though, we firmly believe they are only as good as the service and support we give them, and by this we measure our company's success by our reputation for outstanding customer service.

We invite all our customers to benefit from their specialized knowledge and extensive experience, so if you do ever want to know anything about dental compressed air systems or suction systems, talk to us about Cattani.

Performance and reliability

Cattani compressors are renowned for their performance and reliability, a reputation earned through over 20 years in the market. We have a large range of compressors, and several acoustic options, meaning there is a compressor to suit the requirements of your clinic.

Smarter than a fixed speed suction system

Turbo Smart constantly monitors how your suction is being used and adjusts its performance to suit, giving you powerful aspiration with minimal fluctuations, even when your colleagues in the other rooms start or stop using the suction.

The Turbo Smart is also designed to grow as your clinic does. The Turbo Smart A for two surgeries can be upgraded with a password to a Turbo Smart B, which can provide suction for up to four surgeries.

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