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W&H is an internationally active family-run company based in Bürmoos, Austria, and is one of the leading suppliers of precision dental instruments in the world. Innovative product and service solutions, a modern corporate structure and a high level of social responsibility make W&H a very rewarding company to work for.

The family of integrated handpieces offered by W&H are among the finest ever made. The indisputable leader in handpiece evolution, to continually supply the highest precision electric motors and attachments, in addition to quiet yet powerful highspeed turbines and lowspeed air motors.

Intricately crafted, these fine instruments offer a number of features specifically designed to help you perform with greater comfort and more efficiency as well as decrease the stress for patients. Full integration into the delivery system,
more torque and power, smaller head sizes, improved patient safety, less noise and weight – these are just a few of the innovations designed to make your work easier and exceed your every expectation.

Quiet, smooth, and steady.

Precisely what you need for those perfect cuts and fine margins. Electric motors help you maintain accuracy and control, cutting procedure time by one-third over air motors. If you offer endodontics, electric motors give you the exact slow speeds needed to clean and prep for a root canal, with the added safety of torque control and auto-reverse. And, these motors require no lubrication, which means a longer motor life and less maintenance time.

Lisa Sterilisers and Autoclaves

With Class B automatic cycles, a fast cycle for dental handpieces and integrated traceability, W&H is setting new standards in modern dentistry with the Lisa steriliser / autoclave.


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