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Every detail matters

While many things in theory may be relative, our commitment to quality is absolute. In order to provide the most durable and reliable dental equipment in the world, A-dec™makes sure that nearly everything that goes into A-dec™solutions is manufactured by A-dec™people. And by forming specialised work stations where a single individual performs an entire job, we’re assuring that quality begins and ends with a person, not a department. The outcome is a better product. Not only do the people of A-dec™ see and experience an unmistakable pride of ownership, but they’re also staking their effort on a product that performs exactly how it’s been engineered to perform every time. It’s why A-dec™ continues to set standards for outstanding dependability.

Compare A-dec dental chairs

A-dec 500 A-dec 400 A-dec 300 A-dec 200
Ultra-soft start and stop hydraulic drive

Hybrid drive (hydraulic base/electric tilt)

Hydraulic cantilever drive (stop plate shut off)

Swivel (30° each side of center)

Virtual pivot for added patient comfort
Ultra-thin backrest (1-1.5"/25-32 mm)
Toeboard tilt for cradling comfort 9" 5" 0" 3.5"
Dual-articulating gliding headrest Lever Release Lever Release or 
Locking Knob (standard)
Locking Knob
Dual-articulating headrest (without glide)

Locking Knob
Dual-position armrest settings
Chair at lowest point 343 mm 349 mm 349 mm 457 mm
Chair at highest point 800 mm 800 mm 800 mm 737 mm
Integrated 300 watt power supply
Load rating 227 kg. 181 kg. 181 kg. 181 kg.
Sewn upholstery
Formed upholstery

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