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A-dec 500 Delivery Systems. True Integration. Unsurpassed Ergonomics.

A-dec 500 delivery systems offer true integration. All your accessories are at your fingertips. Everything you need to work in comfort and perform at your best. Designed with specialized attention to efficiency and reliability. 

Choose from Traditional or Continental Radius systems for a style that best fits your needs. Rear and side delivery systems are also available.

Flexible Integration

The A-dec 500 delivery system integrates everything you need to work efficiently and precisely. The flexible design lets you configure the clinical instruments you choose.

And now introducing the Primea Advanced Air high-speed handpiece from W&H—integrated as an option exclusively on the new A-dec 500 delivery system. This award-winning handpiece is the world’s first air high-speed handpiece with an adjustable bur speed and constant removal rate—even with increasing pressure.

Intelligent Control

Built in details and holistic control lets you seamlessly access, activate, and deactivate your clinical instruments without giving it a conscious thought. The equipment disappears, in essence, allowing you to focus on dentistry.

Perfect Proximity

Everything you need is easy to position and comfortably within reach. Get comfortable access to your handpieces, ultrasonic instrument, curing light, and intraoral camera.

Uncluttered and Uncomplicated

The new Deluxe Plus touchpad minimizes the extraneous and dynamically displays only what you need, when you need it, based on the procedure or task at hand. The screen tilts and the arm rotates for precise viewing from multiple angles.

Your A-dec delivery system is backed by 5 years warranty and locally based technical support

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A-dec 500 Delivery System Features

Positive positioning. Smoothly and precisely situate the delivery system where you want it, and count on it to stay.

One-handed adjustments. Effortlessly position the delivery system with one hand—or finger if you’d like.

Ambidextrous delivery. Go from left- to right-handed delivery in seconds. The centrally located handle and screen are reachable and visible from either side.

Automatic braking. Grasp the handle and the arm system automatically releases. We call it capacitive activation, but you’ll just call it effortless.

LED coolant indicator. Lights up when a handpiece is lifted so you can make adjustments without second guessing.

Adjustable handpiece holders. Each position is moveable, so you can tilt the handpieces downward to easily grip when in use, and return upright for safety when they’re not.

Customizable placement. With six positions on the control head, you can integrate practically any combination you dream up: from cameras and scalers to curing lights and electric motors.

A-dec 500 Delivery System

Continental Delivery System:
All Around Ergonomic Comfort

Get unsurpassed ergonomics. Handpieces—even electrics—feel light. Eliminates pull-back on the handpiece resulting in less fatigue. Easily retrieve and return handpieces and other instruments without taking your focus away from the oral cavity.

Traditional Delivery System:
Integrated and Streamlined

With left- and right-handed positioning and an easy, wide range of handpiece and ancillary placement options, the A-dec 500 Traditional delivery system keeps it clean and simple.

12 O’Clock Duo Delivery System:
Out of Sight, Out of Mind

When patients enter an operatory with an uncluttered, stand-alone dental chair, anxiety is instantly reduced. The rear delivery supports left- and right-handed positioning for multiple operators and keeps instrumentation out of sight.

A-dec 500 Delivery System Specifications

Traditional and Continental 12 O’Clock Duo
Control block 4-position 4-position
Ancillary accommodation 5 4
Left/right conversion Yes Yes
Handpiece tubing Silicone Silicone
Quad-voltage intraoral light source Standard Standard
Integration 15' USB 2.0 cable and powered hub/ up to 6 control modules 15' USB 2.0 cable and powered hub/ up to 5 control modules
Brake handle(s) 1 N/A
Arm system Positive positioning, balanced flexarm with air brake Manual height adjustment
Touchpad Deluxe Plus Deluxe Plus (standard) or no touchpad
Foot control Wet/dry disc with chip blower (standard), optional lever foot control Wet/dry disc with chip blower (standard), optional lever foot control
Mount options A-dec 500 chair (version B) A-dec Inspire, Preference Collection, stand-alone

A-dec 500 Assistant's Instrumentation

12 O'Clock Assistant's Instrumentation

The round, height-adjustable worksurface easily moves left to right and pivots horizontally. Instrumentation rotates around the worksurface. Holders independently adjust with four vertical pivot points.

Flexible, Customized Positioning

This Radius, chair-mounted assistant's instrumentation provides comfortable access to vacuum instruments and accessories whether you're working by yourself or with an assistant.

A-dec 500 Assistant's Instrumentation:

This Radius, chair-mounted assistant's instrumentation provides comfortable access to vacuum instruments and accessories whether you're working by yourself or with an assistant.

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