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Cattani Dental Suction Systems

Be SMART about your suction and reduce your power bills

Cattani SMART Suction Systems – Micro SMART, Turbo SMART, Maxi SMART and Multi SMART – are the brains behind your practice, using intelligent technology and design to provide consistent, high-performance suction while cutting energy costs.


SMART by name, smart by nature

Traditional suction motors have a fixed speed that makes them notoriously inefficient: when just a small number of chairs are in use, the motor’s energy consumption remains constantly high. But Cattani SMART suction motors always know what's going on in the surgeries, thanks to inverter technology, and adjust performance accordingly.

The Cattani team has the design and engineering nous to build anything but they are single-minded in their ambition to make better suction and compressed air equipment for dentists – that has always been the company’s primary aim. The use of inverter technology in dental is perhaps their finest achievement to date.

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Cattani’s engineers have been able to cut audible noise by half with the Cube’s acoustic housing.

The Cube project also prompted Cattani to redesign the motor to make it as compact as possible, with the major benefits being much greater efficiency – which translates into lower running costs. And with inverter technology part of the package, energy savings are a given with SMART Cube.

*Half as loud - This is a conservative approximation based on a reduction in decibel level between the standard suction unit and the Cube of about 10 decibels, roughly in the 70 down to 60 range. In that range, a reduction of 10 decibels halves perceived loudness.

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